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We have a problem.

Technology has connected us but has still not united us. We spend an ever-increasing amount of time in front of screens in ways that tear down our sense of communiy. We need to unite as one Global Village and build a world that works for everyone.

Make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone.

Buckminster Fuller

A solution is coming.

We are in development building a new way for communities to come on line. Powerful state of the art solutions for change makers, community leaders, and non-profits.


Make community organizing easy and fun.


Collaboration on a community wide and global scale.

Our notion of how much social engagement we can expect from an ordinary person increases dramatically when gameful thinking meets smart technology.

Jane McGonigal

Where games and the real world merge.

What’s possible with the full power of humanity playing “service” together?

Serve Community leverages the power of game architecture to inspire, organize, and reward real world impact.

Local Tools for Global Impact

We have carefully crafted management and organization solutions to meet the needs of local communities while taking on global initiatives. In this we recognize the need to engage younger leaders. We have used what we have learned working with millennials on and off campuses through our non-profit, Hustlers for Humanity, to create solutions uniquely designed to engage and empower the next generation.

Simple SOlutions

Make it easy.

IMpact Tracking

Watch your impact.

I am a service hero ready to team up and save the world!